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Godlilocks Principle

There are a lot of choices in the market when it comes to legal services. “Big law” firm attorneys often now charge $800+ per hour, making it very difficult for such attorneys to have sufficient time to do the work necessary for many of the fields we work in. Several other services offer very low cost IP/legal services, but often with untrained professionals and very poor quality control.

At Transformative, we are seeking to “right-size” legal services (adhering to what we call the “Goldilocks Principle”). We do this by partnering trained and skilled patent agents, paralegals, technical advisors, and part-time counsel with our core team attorneys to ensure that we can do all of the work that needs to be done to ensure top-quality representation on the budgets our clients expect to pay.


Stand Out From The Crowd

The adjective our clients most often use to describe Transformative is “innovative.” We believe that creativity is at the heart of great legal strategy. We focus on bringing innovative legal solutions to the table whenever we can.

But there’s one small problem – – how can you prove a service organization is innovative?

It seems to us the best answer is … EXPERIENCE!

To provide new clients with the opportunity to determine if live up to our reputation, we make our services ACCESSIBLE through offering low-cost maximum budgets, quality assurances, and other strategies that take the risk of trying Transformative off the table.



The other challenge in legal services is the lack of ALIGNMENT between legal professionals and clients.

At Transformative, we believe that TRUST is key to the kind of client-to-counsel collaboration that is required to use the law to ensure the value of innovation is maximized.

We offer a number of alternative billing programs to build and maintain trust and we are constantly striving to develop new ways to align our interests with those of our clients. For example, we are pioneering both contingency fee-based patent prosecution and regulatory submission preparation work.

20 Years of Experience
in Legal Consulting