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Patents, Trademarks, & Other Intellectual Property (IP)

Transformative Legal is experienced in every aspect of patent law and practice (we do not directly handle patent litigation at this time). We have extensive experience in invention capture, patent drafting, patent prosecution, freedom-of-operation analyses, patent due diligence, patent landscape analysis (including whitespace mapping), patentability investigations, invalidity opinions, and dispute management. We can support or handle inventorship, ownership, and valuation matters relating to patents.

TL is also experienced in trademark clearance investigations, trademark protection assessments, and we routinely secure trademark registrations in the US and abroad. We are highly experienced in protecting trade secrets. We bring additional experience to copyright protection strategies and copyright registration. The TL team further helps clients with the protection of designs, in disputes regarding internet domains, and in other areas of intellectual property law.


Licensing, M&A, and Contraccts

Transformative Legal has deep experience in technology/IP licensing and M&A transactions. Our team can handle complex negotiations and transactions as if not more effectively than many larger law firms, but at a fraction of the cost. In 2021 alone, we will conclude at least two acquisitions with total deal values of over $250,000,000.

Transformative Legal is experienced in nearly every kind of technology-related contract. We regularly draft, negotiate and manage confidentiality agreements, consulting agreements, material transfer agreements, joint venture agreements, supply agreements, distribution agreements, and other contracts.


Regulatory, Compliance, and Other Legal Matters

Transformative Legal has a growing regulatory, compliance, and quality practice primarily focused on FDA-related matters. Len Smith hold an RAC through RAPS and has extensive experience in regulatory-related and compliance-related matters. Transformative’s extended contractor team includes a head of compliance for a mid-sized pharmaceutical company and a head of quality/regulatory for several innovative life science companies. We also handle matters in the area of privacy, advertising compliance, and similar matters relating to the promotion of innovative products. Recent projects include GRAS submissions, regulatory exclusivity determinations, counseling regarding FDA distribution rules, counseling regarding US privacy laws, counseling regarding product classification, and counseling regarding 510k strategies.



Although we work in a number of interrelated areas of the law, Transformative Legal is NOT a general practice firm. We focus on areas where we believe our talents in combining our ability to understand technology and apply it to law with our knowledge of technological/creative industries allow us to stand apart from general practice law firms. We believe understanding interrelated parts of the law provides valuable synergies for our clients, but we are careful to remain specialized and focused on those areas. Areas in which we do not practice include environmental law, employment law, tax law, energy law, etc.

20 Years of Experience
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